My tryst with Murphy

My life is disorderly, to say the least – 80% of my time a day is spent looking around for things – the most common things to get disappeared are the TV's remote control – just when your favorite show is on air (I curse – why nobody's invented a remote control detector yet) – and the mobile phone (this unsual gadget has the advantage that it can be made to ring to advertise its whereabouts).

Of late I found some order – or atleast some law that governed all my routines – well the good ol' Murphy's Law – that it will NOT rain if I carry the umbrella is an old one – that I'll find an expensive pen which I had lost and given up on months ago – when I'm searching for the remote – which in any case I'll never find till my show is over – or till the power goes off – whichever is later.
Murphy endows me with supreme powers – I govern the closing time of banks – if I reach at 2:35 pm – then for sure the banks would have closed at 2:30 – my choice of the 2:35 being absolutely arbitary – was when I remembered to do what had to be done in the morning.
Almost always when I run out of gas-mid traffic-I would have forgotten my wallet home-a dangerous situation.
That I can control that a long distance train or bus departs in time – by arriving at the station 5 min late – or the other way round – by delaying it indefinitely by coming in half-hour early.
The list is end-less.

Murphy's given me such enormous powers – these days – I try to double cross him to ensure my well-being – like last Sun – when I reached for a long movie session (thankfully pre-paid)- I realized that my wallet was missing – I was almost certain that it was home – but I trust Murphy – so to ensure it really was home – I called my bank and blocked my debit card – I am almost certain that had I not done so – my wallet would have been found on the road or somewhere and somebody must have brought stuff on it – I realized it was safer to trust Murphy's instinct and block the card – even if that meant spending 100rs to re-activate it later , a small one-time premium for what I call the "well-being insurance".

Yet Murphy had more sinister designs.What I failed to remember was the certainity of running out on gas – as I was wallet-less – yes I had a friend with me who was "well-walleted" – but Murphy saw to it that I sent him out on a separate route before running out on gas mid-traffic- so I had to tow my bike – a couple of kms – to the nearest gas station and call up my friend to come in there to bail me out – thankfully – I had not forgotten my cell-phone – which had the only record of my friend's number – beats me to think of what would have happened had I was cell-phone-less too – without a penny on me – would have had to walk 7-8kms home – ( travelling ticketless in city busses doesnot really seem risky at night time – but not me – Murphy would have ensured that I got caught – and that without any money to cough up a fine – would have had to spend time in lock-up – ouch – the possibilities are endless)
Feel I have written too much now without saving it up – chances are good that power will be off – as I donot have a UPS on my PC.

Letme save this stuff.

If you see me here – well that means Murphy's has not kept his word this once – but that would not cajol me into not carrying an umbrella (however sunny a day might start out as) the day when I've lined clothes out to dry – after all you have to behave responsibly when you control the city-weather(I pooh-pooh those TV channels' weathermen).