An Exercise, in Inefficiency

Exercising (to keep the body fit) is as an insanely wasteful activity.
Considering  that food prices keep leap-frogging by the day while population balloons and urbanisation usurps more land under cultivation ( and ranches,pastures for the meat-only eaters).Amidst this , we pay so much to get that box of imported corn-flakes or oats – all just to squander it away in gym – what a colossal waste.
It’s like tanking up your car  to run miles just so that the machine remains in excellent working order.
So what do we do – stop exercising and die of obesity or to stop eating and starve to death ?
Neither – we need to be efficient – everywhere – not just by saving oil and saving paper (by using text messages instead ? that is a really crazy idea). Before our internal combustion engines, we need to attain more “mileage” of the food we eat. Exercise is essential for the body – that is true – but excercise need not be burning calories.

 A good idea is to clean up around yourself everyday – believe me that’s tougher than any gym workout. Take out that mop , that broom and put them to use – yourself. You gain, as you get to do some physical labor like your forefathers once did – and which technology or prosperity (enabling you to employ domestic aides) snatched.
Not only would it save you extra money, it would be gratifying as well – you sense some independence; gain peaceful sleep at night – and thus a more wakeful tomorrow – these are the bonuses accrued.
Goodbye insomnia.
Would that render many unemployed – not at all – all those domestic helps freed up may want to pursue their dream jobs. And anyways there would be ample hectares of public spaces to be cleaned; which would pay better than cleaning homes and have more job and social security.
We need to eat only as much and when its required. That will strictly depend on the work we do – a car doesn’t not need aviation turbine fuel and neither does an airplane, rocket fuel. That is difficult to follow since for us eating is also a socializing opportunity and not just filling up tanks ;we tend to eat what most of our friends want to eat and when the whole group goes for lunch – not when WE‘re hungry.

 I’ve been eating alone for  years now and I can tell you that I eat far lesser – since for me food doesnt get pushed under the rug of a lively debate (on who will win that day’s match).If you can get boxed meals, you also have the luxury to eat only when you feel hungry. That way you just fill enough fuel to run the miles till the next filling station.

You donot need to kill the foodaholic in you – just to put him/her into hibernation – so that you indulge in those gastronimic pleasures only once in a while.