Deriving some inspiration from Sarah, I decided to write down my very own recipe. Its actually a very simple-to-make concoction which I discovered accidentally. For want of a better name let me call it jaljeera-green-lime-tea.
* Jaljeera ( for the really adventurous ones : you could make your own by buying and mixing an assortment of rock salt, black salt, cumin power, dry raw-mango powder, mint, pepper and chilli powders according to taste – I’m yet to try this option)
* green tea
* one half of a lemon
* table salt to taste.
Heat some water to pre-boiling ( ~ 85 deg C, just enough heat to scald your skin but for a moment) and steep the green tea leaves in for 2 mins – stir for a while and the allow the leaves to settle.
Separately, in a cup take a dry mixture of salt, Jaljeera powder (or all its constituents) and squeeze half a lime into it.
Decant (and not strain) the tea into this cup and stir well.
Your special-tea is ready, but owing to an unused to taste there is very less possibility that you would ever like it first time.

I did.