Beauty of Chaos

“Order and method” said Poirot, were his gurus. Yet, have you ever stopped for a moment and looked, spell-bound, at the beauty of a room absolutely messed up – I have. It’s masterpiece – in that, though an ordered and well-kept room can always be brought back to excatly the same state – a messed up room is unique – its a once in a eternity state – like a masterpiece – unreproducible – you can’t mess it up in exactly the same way again (else “mess” won’t remain “mess”) – so I always gloat at the view of my room in its natural state – in its nakedness – before I’m forced to dress it up – to bring it up into a civilised state – “all things at their places” “Yes,Sir”.
Ah the thrill – of finding simpile things – of finding them at the most unexpected places – of finding unexpected things – of finding things you had long given up for lost – trinkets from the past – of the emotional outbursts they evoke – a dried flower (when you were foraging for something as mundane as one of a pair of socks).
My Mom has tried hard to beat this talent out of me – gladly without success – the state of my study table is where her ire is usually directed at – you can find atleast three layers of books piled on – the slim volumes carrying their bulkier counterparts – my Mom would never appreciate the hard hours spent (inadvertantly) in achieving such an unstable equilibrium . It makes an unusually good platform to doze off – when you need to recharge your batteries during those heavily loaded examination days- unusually because – after a while the books tip off and you’re awaken with your battery meter showing full bars.
What good comes in by keeping things ordered – that’s what the millitary does when they have noone to fight against – its a “time-pass” job – make the armed men clean up the whole campus – so as to they don’t shoot each other other up over trifles.I’m at a failure to find out why the dining halls are called messes – when they are kept so unabashedly ordered – and why an Officer’s Mess is different from the corporal’s ( because mess is mess – it doesn’t discriminate on social status).
Tell me what would be better than the thrill of keeping something safe and then forgetting about it , messing things up and then finding it out- such can activity can make great crime investigators.
And I’m not alone – a friend’s Mom while visiting his “bachelor” residence bought him expensive glassware; my dear friend readily started using one of them as an ash tray- ah a beautiful ash-tray – ofcourse this after his mother was out of earshot.
I’m told that its a sure sign of laziness – bah – the ordered folks are lazier – how? – well they’re so lazy to search for things that they spend more time trying to keep them at their places.
Was lucky to discover a group that screened serious cinema under the umbrella: “collective chaos” – which leads me to a more philosophical note – that real life really is chaotic – we’re simplifying things for our own sake – classifying good and evil , love and hatred , freinds and foes. What makes one think that life was meant to be simple – that everything came in neatly packaged cases – that we can cut, microwave and eat – and we are trying to beat a meaning out of life – when no none might exist…
Even physics sides me – “Entropy” – the only thing that doesn’t remain conserved in a physical system – but tends to increase with all natural processes – science says it needs positive energy (which means we have to work against natural processes to reduce entropy) – so pal , why , uh why bother?